About Wigan Laticast

Wigan Laticast is a production of W.A.N.A.F.A..

It is recorded and podcast from New York, NY, USA.

It has nothing officially to do with Wigan Athletic.

Meaning it is completely unofficial. It is made by fans for fans.

The Laticast features will consist of:

  • Match Review/Preview
  • Round Table Wigan Discussions
  • In the field interviews at Nevada Smiths.
  • Inside Rigaletto’s with Dave Whelan.
  • Weekly Pie Updates.
  • … and More!

If you would like to be involved email me at:



2 Responses to “About Wigan Laticast”

  1. James Leier Says:

    Where can I get a good pie in Wigan?
    The Lat’s could be THE sleeper this year!
    Go Wigs.

  2. Dirty Dave Says:

    Firstly, I would suggest you try the JJB stadium – the last place on God’s Green Earth where you can get your hands on an authentic Pooles Pie.

    Secondly, just like to pay my respects to the laticast which i discovered yesterday on i-tunes. The problem is I’ve listened to all four episodes and am tearing my hair out for more of this stuff.

    Hope your mouth gets fixed soon.

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