Daily Mail Refuse to Post Contrary Comments. Hatchet Man’s Latest Hack Job on Wigan v. West Ham

Lee Cattermole for Wigan

Hi I just would like to point out that I have personally responded reasonably and without profanity to numerous erroneous Daily Mail articles only to find the supposedly ‘moderated’ comments sections refuse to include points which debase their own hackwork.

At any rate I decided since I luckily have a spot on the NEWSNOW news roll that I would post one such response to a piece of character assasination written by the ebullient Hatchet Man.

In the article he postulates that Cattermole has no skill as a player and thus resorts to thuggery.

“Using aggression to hide his limited ability will see Cattermole found out in the end – but not if Wigan boss Bruce reins him in

Congratulations to Lee Cattermole, who is leading the race to become the Premier League’s dirtiest player this season.

The Wigan midfielder will be banned for four games for his second dismissal of the season as a result of his painful lunge at West Ham’s Scott Parker this week.

He is also only a booking away from a two-match ban for the nine yellow cards he has already picked up this season.

Only Everton’s Marouane Fellaini has collected more bookings and no-one else has been sent off more often.

Cattermole’s combination of both confirms that he is a liability to his club. Limited in ability, he tries to make up for it with aggression and that makes him a danger to others.

Manager Steve Bruce must rein him in because the punishments of the normal disciplinary system are clearly not working in this case.”


I have no doubt that my response will fail to appear after the story in question so I am posting it here:

“You obviously did not see Cattermole dribble past three West Ham players, then play a nice pass earlier in the match.

Nor do you mention the other player sent off Carlton Cole is on the same number of red cards as Cattermole. Buffonery and media bullying such as this article is a bit of a disgrace considering another person in the match, Scott Parker, lost his cool on the pitch in an act of total disrespect to the ref; One which he would have been sent off for if not for … wait for it… ah yes..Cattermole stopping him.

His career ending tackle on Michael Brown also was a treat.

As for the red card. Well Parker screamed and flailed and writhed on the ground until a red was shown then popped up in a flash and played the rest of the match with free abandon.

Oh and don’t forget what he did to Jimmy Bullard.

But he’s just not that sort of player is he Scotty Parker?

At any rate, I don’t expect a response.

It’s not your fault you are a helpless hack, parroting what others who bow to the West Ham media cabal have said before you.

I actually feel bad for you dear Hatchet Man, powerless to have an opinion of your own. Or worse still, thinking that is your own opinion.

Cattermole may be a tough tackler, he does after all make the most tackles in the entire league. Some are bound to lead to injuries.

But to say he has no skill is frankly  just wrong.

Check out this video clip of Cattermole in action.


And, no offense, but how on earth would you know?

Have you ever watched a Wigan game in full? Probably when we play Man United. You might even remember this goal goal he scored against Man U for Boro in the FA Cup.

It’s a superb back to goal volley after he controls an aerial ball. 


Fast Forward to 2:06

What a plonker eh? No skill.


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3 Responses to “Daily Mail Refuse to Post Contrary Comments. Hatchet Man’s Latest Hack Job on Wigan v. West Ham”

  1. Andrew Says:

    I wrote a reply along the same lines, surprise surprise that has also been moderated. I also included it is ironic how hatchet man describes Cattermole as overly aggressive in an attempt to hide his lack of ability, the same could be said for his articles’! He is over opinionated and generally incorrect, perfect for the daily mail!

  2. Derek Says:

    How come if Lucas Neil to quote every newspaper ‘made the worst foul of the evening’ are there so many pictures centred around Lee Cattamole.
    Also when Cole was sent off it was obvious for all to see thar Scot Parker was on a mission until he got what he wanted, which he did.

  3. hindleyite Says:

    Daily Mail’s a load of bullpoo read & edited by closet conspiracists. They just want you to react to their stuff so I suppose they did their job in this case.

    It’s well known that their reporters’ research stretches as far as MUTV and MotD. This guy clearly doesn’t know what he’s talking about – if any Latics player ought to be ‘dirtiest in the Prem’ it ought to be Browny. But oh, it’s too convenient for them isn’t it?

    Sorry for the opinionated rant, I like this blog you’ve got going here and shall be adding you to my blogroll as soon as I stop it from going offline at inopportune times.


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