Laticast Episode 01

WANAFA is proud to present the very first episode of the Wigan Laticast:

On this week’s show:

  • We preview the upcoming season and discuss the summer transfers.
  • Have an interview with Vital Wigan correspondent Worbo.
  • Talk a bit too much about De Ridder.
  • Talk a bit too little about other teams being crap.

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6 Responses to “Laticast Episode 01”

  1. worbo Says:

    Nice one 😉 Keep ’em coming

  2. Titus Says:

    Well done – nice to hear views from across the water.
    Good to hear positive comments rather than the usual Wigan manic depressive rubbish!

  3. Cas Says:

    Good stuff

  4. Toronto4Latics Says:

    Nice job! I’m going to try and get our Toronto chapter of WANAFA going this year.

  5. kheapy Says:

    well done great to see the first one come through hope they keep coming

  6. DZ Says:

    WANAFA (Indiana Region) says great work!

    To Wigan fans in the UK regarding Wigan fans in the US and rest of the world: “We are here we are here we are heeerrre!”

    If you’ve not read Dr. Seuss (more specifically – Horton hears a Who), you probably think I’m daft, yet the fact remains that we are here.

    PS I hate West Ham. I really do. Really and truly hate them. Especially after screwing their way out of relegation 2 seasons ago (which could easily have taken Wigan down instead of Sheffield Utd). And that’s something for me who prefers to not hate anybody, but promote the positive. I hate wet spam.

    PSS OK ‘hate’ IS a strong word so let’s change it to ‘fervent dislike and aggressive derision’. Hate is much shorter though.

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